Old School Station

Old School Station brings the golden era of gaming back to life for enthusiasts across India. We're one of India's first retro gaming brands, specialising in high-quality consoles that whisk gamers back to the 80s and 90s.

Our mission is rooted in preserving gaming history, making classic games accessible to new generations, and offering a nostalgic journey for those who grew up in the golden age of gaming.

At Old School Station, we don't just sell consoles; we rekindle cherished memories and forge new ones. Our selection is curated to include a wide range of iconic games, ensuring that every gamer finds their slice of the past to enjoy. Welcome to Old School Station — where the classics never fade.


To become the heart of India's gaming community by bridging generations, cultures, and memories through the power of retro gaming. We envision a future where every household cherishes the joy and simplicity of classic gaming, creating a unified community that spans ages and transcends time.


Old School Station is dedicated to reviving the thrill of retro gaming by providing high-quality, authentic consoles that unlock access to a vast library of classic games. Our mission is to preserve the legacy of vintage gaming, making it accessible and enjoyable for both long-time enthusiasts and new adventurers alike. Through our passion for nostalgia and innovation, we strive to connect gamers across India with the titles that defined generations, ensuring that the spirit of retro gaming continues to thrive.