FYI, our retro gaming kits are fire


Travel back to simpler days and relive the kickass ones with Atom+. Can play upto 15,000 games from the 90’s and 00’s, this bad boy lets you play your favourite games and forays into complex storylines.


Whenever you feel a wave of nostalgia for the 90’s, call on Atom. Can play upto 10,000 retro games from the 80’s and 90’s and this gaming console gives you the full 90’s experience.

Hassle-Free Replacement

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind with our 6 month warranty, ensuring that you can savor every moment of gaming without worrying about any issues that may arise.

The  bona fide 90’s kid

Travel through time with OSS

The retro gaming kits from OSS are your childhood fantasies come true. You won’t have to choose one game because there are 10,000 waiting to be played.

Press play for nostalgia

Experience the joy of moving a joystick as you play your favourite games from the 80’s and 90’s. Maybe you’ll even discover new ones.

 Every day, a new adventure

Rescue princesses from castles, fight stealthy ninjas, crush dangerous aliens, and strategize over the best shot. With over 10,000 retro games, you’ll never be bored.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    OSS features over 10,000 classic games from the 90s and beyond, spanning across genres like platformers, adventure, racing, fighting, and more. You'll find iconic titles from Nintendo, Sega, SNES, NES, Genesis, and more, ensuring endless nostalgia and exciting discoveries.

    Nope! OSS is a plug-and-play system. Simply connect it to your TV and start gaming. No downloads, subscriptions, or additional cables required.

    Yes, you can add your own games to the console. However, with such a vast selection, you're unlikely to run out of exciting titles to explore! Reach out to to get a step-by-step guide on how to add your own games.

    Our wireless controllers allow for two-player action right out of the box. Rekindle old rivalries or forge new ones as you battle it out on the same screen, just like the good old days.

    Your OSS comes with a 6-month warranty for your peace of mind. If you experience any problems, simply reach out to us at


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