Discover the Iconic Tekken 4 Characters: A Comprehensive Guide

Tekken 4, a landmark in the legendary Tekken series, introduced an array of iconic characters that have left a lasting impact on fans and the fighting game genre. This guide delves into the world of Tekken 4 characters, providing detailed profiles, gameplay insights, and unique trivia to help you explore and appreciate each fighter.

Tekken 4: A New Era in Fighting Games

Overview of Tekken 4’s Release and Significance: Tekken 4 was released in 2001 for arcades and in 2002 for the PlayStation 2. Developed and published by Namco, it marked a significant evolution in the series with its enhanced graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and engaging storyline. Tekken 4 is particularly notable for its realistic visual style and its introduction of several new characters who have since become fan favourites.

Main Storyline and Plot Highlights: The storyline of Tekken 4 continues the complex saga of the Mishima family. After the events of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, Heihachi Mishima failed to capture Ogre. Determined to succeed, he had his researchers gather Ogre’s genetic material to create a new life form. However, the experiments were unsuccessful because Heihachi lacked the Devil Gene. He then learned that his son, Kazuya Mishima, who he had thrown into a volcano 20 years earlier, possessed the gene. Kazuya was resurrected by G Corporation and sought revenge against Heihachi. This family feud escalated, leading to the announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, with the grand prize being control of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

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Meet the Tekken 4 Characters

Understanding the diverse roster of Tekken 4 characters is essential for mastering the game. Each fighter brings unique abilities, styles, and backgrounds to the battlefield, contributing to the rich narrative and dynamic gameplay.

Iconic Characters of Tekken 4

Bryan Fury

  • Background and Storyline: Bryan Fury, a former Hong Kong cop, was killed in a shootout and resurrected by Dr. Abel with cybernetic enhancements, turning him into a zombie cyborg. In Tekken 4, Bryan continues his quest for power and destruction.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Bryan uses powerful, brutal attacks that leverage his cybernetic strength. His fighting style is aggressive, with a focus on heavy strikes and relentless pressure.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Bryan is known for his sadistic personality and his signature move, the Mach Breaker, which is a devastatingly powerful punch.

Christie Monteiro

  • Background and Storyline: Christie Monteiro is a skilled Capoeira fighter who was trained by her grandfather, a friend of Eddy Gordo. She enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament to find her missing grandfather.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Christie utilizes Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics, and music. Her fighting style is characterized by fluid, rhythmic movements and acrobatic kicks.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Christie is the first female Capoeira practitioner in the Tekken series, and her moves are visually stunning due to their fluidity and grace.
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  • Background and Storyline: Combot is a mimicry robot created by Lee Chaolan's robotics company, Violet Systems. Designed to copy the fighting styles of other characters, Combot is an experimental prototype.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Combot can replicate the moves of other fighters, making it a versatile and unpredictable opponent. Its ability to switch styles mid-match adds a unique layer of strategy.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Combot’s creation was part of Lee Chaolan’s plan to enter the tournament under disguise, showcasing his innovative approach to robotics and combat.

Craig Marduk

  • Background and Storyline: Craig Marduk is an Australian Vale Tudo fighter who turned to professional wrestling. He enters the tournament to prove his strength and seek revenge against King, whom he blames for his mentor's death.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Marduk’s fighting style combines wrestling and mixed martial arts. His moves are characterized by powerful throws, grapples, and ground-and-pound techniques.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Marduk’s intense rivalry with King is one of the most memorable feuds in the Tekken series, adding a dramatic element to his character.

Eddy Gordo

  • Background and Storyline: Eddy Gordo, a master of Capoeira, seeks revenge for his father’s death and hopes to find a cure for his mentor’s illness. His dedication to Capoeira is driven by his desire for justice and peace.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Eddy’s Capoeira style is dynamic and acrobatic, focusing on swift, rhythmic movements and powerful kicks. His signature moves, such as the Handstand Kick, are both effective and visually impressive.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Eddy’s character design and fighting style have made him a fan favourite, known for his distinctive dance-like combat.

Heihachi Mishima

  • Background and Storyline: Heihachi Mishima is the ruthless patriarch of the Mishima family, obsessed with power and control. He orchestrates The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 to capture his son, Kazuya, and harness the Devil Gene.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Heihachi’s fighting style, Mishima Karate, is powerful and precise. He excels in close-quarters combat, using a mix of strong punches and devastating kicks.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Heihachi is one of the central characters in the Tekken series, known for his iconic hairstyle and his relentless pursuit of power.


  • Background and Storyline: Hwoarang, a Tae Kwon Do expert from Korea, is the rival of Jin Kazama. He enters the tournament to prove his superiority and to seek revenge for his mentor, Baek Doo San.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Hwoarang’s Tae Kwon Do style is characterized by rapid, high-impact kicks. His ability to chain together multiple kicks in quick succession makes him a formidable opponent.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Hwoarang’s rebellious attitude and intense rivalry with Jin add depth to his character, making him one of the more intriguing fighters in the series.
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Jin Kazama

  • Background and Storyline: Jin Kazama, the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, struggles with the Devil Gene within him. He enters the tournament to end the Mishima bloodline and to confront his father and grandfather.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Jin’s fighting style combines traditional Karate with elements of Mishima-style Karate. His moves are disciplined and precise, focusing on powerful strikes and counters.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Jin is a central character in the Tekken storyline, and his internal conflict with the Devil Gene adds a layer of complexity to his persona.

Julia Chang

  • Background and Storyline: Julia Chang, the adopted daughter of Michelle Chang, is an environmentalist fighting to protect her homeland. She enters the tournament to raise awareness and funds for her cause.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Julia’s fighting style is a mix of traditional martial arts and her unique techniques. Her moves are effective in both offence and defense, making her a balanced fighter.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Julia’s dedication to environmentalism and her strong sense of justice make her a relatable and inspiring character.

Jun Kazama

  • Background and Storyline: Jun Kazama is a wildlife protection agent and the mother of Jin Kazama. Her compassionate nature contrasts with the violent world of Tekken, adding a unique dynamic to the storyline.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Jun’s fighting style is Kazama-style martial arts, focusing on fluid movements and defensive techniques. Her moves emphasize counterattacks and agility.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Jun’s mysterious disappearance and her influence on Jin’s moral compass are key elements in the Tekken narrative.

Kazuya Mishima

  • Background and Storyline: Kazuya Mishima, the son of Heihachi Mishima, returns from the dead with the help of G Corporation. His primary goal is to fuse with his devil form and exact revenge on his father.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Kazuya’s fighting style is Mishima Karate, characterized by powerful, direct attacks and an aggressive approach. His signature moves, like the Electric Wind God Fist, are iconic in the series.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Kazuya’s complex relationship with his father and son drives much of the Tekken storyline, making him a pivotal character.


  • Background and Storyline: The King, a luchador from Mexico, continues the legacy of the original King. He is dedicated to helping orphans and fights to honour his mentor’s memory.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: King’s wrestling style includes powerful throws, grapples, and submission holds. His chain-throw techniques are a highlight of his moveset.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: King’s altruistic nature and his commitment to orphans provide a noble motive for his participation in the tournament.


  • Background and Storyline: Kuma II is the son of the original Kuma and serves as Heihachi Mishima’s loyal bodyguard. He seeks to avenge his father’s losses against Paul Phoenix.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Kuma’s fighting style, Kuma Shinken, is a mix of brute strength and bear-like attacks. His moves are powerful and can overwhelm opponents with sheer force.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Kuma’s character adds a humorous element to the series, with his unique bear-centric fighting style and loyalty to Heihachi.

Lee Chaolan

  • Background and Storyline: Lee Chaolan, the adoptive son of Heihachi Mishima, is the head of Violet Systems. He enters the tournament under the guise of Violet to gain control of the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Lee’s fighting style is a blend of Mishima-style karate and various martial arts. His moves are flashy and effective, often catching opponents off guard.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Lee’s flamboyant personality and his rivalry with Kazuya add a layer of intrigue to his character.

Lei Wulong

  • Background and Storyline: Lei Wulong, inspired by Jackie Chan, is a detective and martial artist. He enters the tournament to investigate criminal activities and to showcase his martial arts prowess.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Lei’s fighting style includes a variety of Chinese martial arts. His moves are versatile and adaptive, allowing him to counter different opponents effectively.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Lei’s agility and his homage to Jackie Chan make him a beloved character among fans of the series.

Ling Xiaoyu

  • Background and Storyline: Ling Xiaoyu is a high school student with a crush on Jin Kazama. She dreams of building an amusement park and enters the tournament to fund her dream.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Xiaoyu’s fighting style is based on Chinese martial arts. Her moves are acrobatic and fluid, making her a difficult opponent to predict.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Xiaoyu’s cheerful personality and her dynamic fighting style have made her a fan favourite in the Tekken series.

Marshall Law

  • Background and Storyline: Marshall Law is a martial artist and homage to Bruce Lee. He enters the tournament to gain money to support his family and to prove his strength.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Law’s fighting style is Jeet Kune Do, focusing on quick, powerful strikes. His moves are inspired by Bruce Lee’s techniques and are highly effective in close combat.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Law’s resemblance to Bruce Lee and his fast-paced fighting style makes him one of the most recognizable characters in Tekken.

Miharu Hirano

  • Background and Storyline: Miharu Hirano is the best friend of Ling Xiaoyu. She enters the tournament to support Xiaoyu and to experience the excitement of the competition.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Miharu’s fighting style is similar to Xiaoyu’s, focusing on Chinese martial arts. Her moves are graceful and effective in both offence and defence.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Miharu’s playful and carefree personality adds a lighthearted touch to the Tekken roster.

Nina Williams

  • Background and Storyline: Nina Williams is a deadly assassin with a complex history in the series. She enters the tournament for personal reasons and to settle scores.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Nina’s fighting style combines Aikido and bone-breaking techniques. Her moves are precise and lethal, making her a formidable opponent.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Nina’s rivalry with her sister, Anna Williams, adds depth to her character, and her assassin background gives her a unique edge in combat.


  • Background and Storyline: Panda is Ling Xiaoyu’s pet and bodyguard, trained in the same fighting style as Kuma. She enters the tournament to protect Xiaoyu.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Panda’s fighting style mirrors Kuma’s, focusing on powerful bear-like attacks. Her moves are strong and can catch opponents off guard with their sheer force.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Panda’s presence in the tournament adds a humorous and endearing element to the game.

Paul Phoenix

  • Background and Storyline: Paul Phoenix is a hot-headed martial artist aiming to prove he is the strongest fighter in the universe. He enters the tournament to finally claim the title.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Paul’s fighting style combines Judo and striking techniques. His moves are direct and powerful, with his signature move, the Phoenix Smasher, being particularly devastating.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Paul’s distinctive hairstyle and his red gi make him one of the most recognizable characters in the Tekken series.

Steve Fox

  • Background and Storyline: Steve Fox is a British boxer with a mysterious past. He enters the tournament to uncover the truth about his origins and to escape from those pursuing him.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Steve’s fighting style is pure boxing, focusing on fast punches and evasive manoeuvres. His speed and agility make him a difficult opponent to hit.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: It is revealed that Steve is the son of Nina Williams, adding a surprising twist to his character’s backstory.


  • Background and Storyline: Yoshimitsu is the leader of the Manji Clan and wields a high-tech prosthetic arm. He enters the tournament to protect the weak and to support his clan.
  • Fighting Style and Key Moves: Yoshimitsu’s fighting style combines Kenjutsu with various unique techniques. His moves are unpredictable and can be confusing for opponents.
  • Trivia and Interesting Facts: Yoshimitsu’s character design and his ability to appear in multiple Namco fighting games make him a unique and enduring character.


Tekken 4 introduced a diverse and memorable roster of characters, each with their unique abilities, styles, and backgrounds. Understanding these fighters is essential for mastering the game and appreciating its rich narrative. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the franchise, exploring the world of Tekken 4 characters will enhance your gaming experience and deepen your connection to this iconic series. Share your favourite Tekken 4 characters and experiences in the comments below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who are the main characters in Tekken 4?

Ans: The main characters include Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, and several new fighters like Craig Marduk and Christie Monteiro.

Q2. What new gameplay mechanics were introduced in Tekken 4?

Ans: Tekken 4 introduced environmental interactions, slower character movement, and the use of walls, pillars, and ceilings for strategic advantages.

Q3. How do you unlock all characters in Tekken 4?

Ans: Characters can be unlocked by completing Story Mode multiple times with different fighters, as detailed in the unlocking guide above.

Q4. What makes Tekken 4’s graphics stand out?

Ans: Tekken 4 featured enhanced lighting, dynamic physics, and smoother surfaces, setting a new standard for realism in fighting games.

Q5. Why is Heihachi Mishima a central character in Tekken 4?

Ans: Heihachi’s quest to capture the Devil Gene and his complex relationship with his son Kazuya drives much of the game’s storyline.

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