The 10 Best Gameboy Emulators in 2024

Gameboy emulators have revolutionized the way we play classic games by allowing us to enjoy them on modern devices. These software programs mimic the functionality of the original Gameboy console, enabling users to play their favourite games without the need for physical cartridges. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the 10 best Gameboy emulators available in 2024, exploring their features, compatibility, and overall user experience. Whether you're a seasoned Gameboy enthusiast or just looking to explore the world of retro gaming, these emulators offer a fantastic way to dive into the nostalgia of classic Gameboy titles.

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1. VisualBoy Advance:

VisualBoy Advance is a longstanding favourite among Gameboy emulator enthusiasts due to its reliability and robust feature set. Compatible with Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games, VisualBoy Advance offers a seamless gaming experience with features like save states, cheat codes, and customizable controls. Its user-friendly interface and wide compatibility make it an excellent choice for gamers of all levels. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, VisualBoy Advance continues to be a top choice for those looking to relive the magic of Gameboy classics.

2. My Boy! - GBA Emulator (for Android):

My Boy! stands out as one of the best Gameboy Advance emulators for Android devices, offering a wealth of features designed to enhance the gaming experience. From fast-forwarding to cheat codes and link cable emulation, My Boy! delivers a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on the go. With support for a wide range of Gameboy Advance titles, this emulator is a must-have for Android users looking to relive their favourite childhood games.

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3. RetroArch:

RetroArch is a powerhouse emulator that supports multiple gaming consoles, including the Gameboy series. Its extensive feature set includes shaders, netplay, and rewinding, providing users with a customizable and immersive gaming experience. RetroArch's cross-platform support makes it a versatile choice for gamers looking to play Gameboy games on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

4. mGBA:

mGBA is praised for its accuracy and performance, offering users an authentic gaming experience when playing Gameboy Advance games. Its support for features like cheat codes, save states, and customizable controls further enhances the gameplay experience. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, mGBA is a reliable emulator that continues to impress gamers with its performance and compatibility.

5. BatGBA:

BatGBA is a lightweight and straightforward emulator that focuses on delivering a seamless gaming experience for Gameboy Advance titles. Its simplicity makes it an ideal choice for users looking for a no-fuss emulator that gets the job done. Despite its lightweight nature, BatGBA offers essential features such as save states and customizable controls. Compatible with Windows, BatGBA is a great option for those seeking a hassle-free gaming experience.

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6. higan:

higan is a multi-system emulator known for its high accuracy and compatibility with various gaming consoles, including the Gameboy series. Its customizable user interface and support for features like save states and cheat codes make it a popular choice among emulator enthusiasts. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, higan offers a comprehensive gaming experience for users looking to play Gameboy games on their preferred platform.

7. No$GBA:

No$GBA stands out for its compatibility with both commercial and homebrew Gameboy Advance games. Its support for multiplayer and debugging tools makes it a valuable tool for developers and gamers alike. Despite its advanced features, No$GBA remains user-friendly and accessible to all levels of users. Available for Windows, No$GBA continues to be a reliable emulator for those looking to enjoy Gameboy games on their PC.

8. Boycott Advance:

Boycott Advance is a simple yet effective emulator designed for playing Gameboy Advance games with ease. Its user-friendly interface and basic features make it suitable for beginners and casual gamers. Available for both Windows and Mac, Boycott Advance offers a straightforward and enjoyable gaming experience for users looking to explore the world of Gameboy classics.

9. DreamGBA:

DreamGBA is praised for its compatibility with a wide range of Gameboy Advance games, offering users a diverse selection of titles to choose from. Its support for features like save states and customizable controls ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Available for Windows, DreamGBA continues to be a popular choice among gamers looking to play their favourite Gameboy Advance titles on their PC.

10. GBA4iOS (for iOS):

GBA4iOS is a well-known emulator for iOS devices, offering users a convenient way to play Gameboy Advance games on their iPhone or iPad. Its features include controller support, cheat codes, and Dropbox integration, providing users with a seamless gaming experience. Despite its third-party nature, GBA4iOS is easy to install and offers a wide range of Gameboy Advance titles for users to enjoy on their iOS devices.


In conclusion, these 10 emulators stand out as the best options for playing Gameboy games in 2024. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just getting started, these emulators offer a fantastic way to experience the magic of classic Gameboy titles on modern devices. With their wide range of features and compatibility with various platforms, these emulators are sure to provide hours of entertainment for gamers of all ages. So, grab your favourite Gameboy game and start playing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Gameboy emulators legal?

Yes, Gameboy emulators are legal. However, downloading and playing copyrighted game ROMs may not be legal in some countries without the proper authorization from the copyright holder.

Q2. Can I play multiplayer games using Gameboy emulators?

Yes, some Gameboy emulators, such as No$GBA, support multiplayer gameplay using link cable emulation. However, both players must be using the same emulator and have the game ROM to play together.

Q3. Are there any alternatives to downloading Gameboy emulators from the internet?

Yes, some emulators are available on official app stores, such as GBA4iOS for iOS devices. These emulators are vetted and safe to use.

Q4. Can I use cheat codes with Gameboy emulators?

Yes, most Gameboy emulators support cheat codes. You can usually find cheat codes for specific games on websites dedicated to game cheats and walkthroughs.

Q5. Do I need a powerful device to run Gameboy emulators?

No, Gameboy emulators are designed to run on a wide range of devices, including older and less powerful ones. However, a more powerful device may provide a smoother gaming experience and better performance.

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